Aerospace: Test Cell Equipment

Determining if a powerful jet engine meets performance criteria requires specialized, large-scale structures that mimic the in-flight environment, while safely securing the engine and without causing external damage. Additionally, test cell equipment must provide for easy transportation and installation, so size and configuration of the structures has to be considered. With decades of precision, large-scale component fabrication and machining experience and end-to-end manufacturing capacity, Ranor is capable of delivering turnkey solutions that address all of your unique test cell equipment challenges.

The production plans Ranor develops account for your transportation and installation needs. Our certified professionals adhere to the plan and your design requirements, skillfully performing all of the necessary raw material processing, welding, and finishing machining. Additionally, our quality assurance and production control services ensure your test cell equipment meets your specification, budget, and timeline demands, delivering a turnkey solution that's ready to be put directly into use.