In the defense industry, the cost of utilizing lesser-quality large-scale components can amount to more than money alone. Here, components must meet tight tolerances and specifications. Ranor has built a reputation as a trusted, dependable partner for the precision fabrication and machining of some of the defense sector's most critical components. Our end-to-end, large-scale capacity, culture of quality, verification capabilities, and decades of experience allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions that adhere to your specifications, timetables, and budget.

Utilizing cross-market insights from decades of work in demanding sectors, such as nuclear and aerospace, Ranor has earned the trust and confidence of companies entrusted with our defense, solving some of the industry's toughest fabrication and machining challenges. Our professionals have even developed new fabrication processes to specifically address some the defense sector's more challenging production needs. From unique, complex production plans for prototype development, to full production runs, Ranor delivers end-to-end solutions with the precision and quality your designs demand.

Component capabilities include:

  • Submarine components
  • Sonar housings and fairings
  • Vertical launch missile tubes
  • Steam accumulator tanks
  • Magnetic motor prototypes
  • Gun mounts and ammunition handling equipment