The forces, temperatures, and pressures large-scale aerospace components must endure are extreme. Test cells that harness this power require high levels of quality in the metal fabrication and machining performed. Recognizing, however, that cost is also an important factor, Ranor focuses on cost-effective solutions for our clients' aerospace components. Ranor has decades of proven experience manufacturing large-scale components that keep the highest pressures and forces under control.

Including the machining of one of the largest one-piece aluminum tank domes, Ranor delivers the highest-quality, precision components that adhere to your design's stringent tolerances and specifications. Additionally, our unmatched, end-to-end fabrication and machining capacity, as well as production insights from industries as demanding as nuclear and defense, allow us to develop streamlined manufacturing processes that can save you production time. When requested, we can work with you to evaluate your design and provide recommendations to improve manufacturability and possibly overall costs.

Component capabilities include:

  • Fuel tank domes
  • Test cell equipment

Fabrication and Machining Snapshot: Aerospace

Fuel Tank Domes
Test Cell Equipment