Our Engineering Team has decades of fabrication and machining experience for the demanding solar, nuclear, medical, power generation, aerospace, defense, and Cleantech sectors. Once they've evaluated your design and machining specifications, they develop a detailed, step-by-step process plan to manufacture your finished precision component. Our end-to-end fabrication and machining solutions cover every facet of the project's development, down to the smallest detail. This includes developing any necessary tooling, equipment and manpower requirements, production fixtures, and production methods.

And because engineered designs can sometimes use a second set of experienced eyes to improve production efficiency and cost, our Engineering Team can, if appropriate, offer ways to improve manufacturability, ensuring the highest quality at the best price. If requested, the Engineering Team will review your design and machining drawings directly with your design engineers and look for opportunities to optimize the manufacturability of your large-scale, precision components. The result is a thoughtfully conceived, end-to-end solution that can save you time and money, and delivers the quality and precision you demand.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Develop detailed manufacturing procedures
  • Develop and assign welding procedures
  • Design required tools and fixtures
  • Develop manufacturing process routers
  • Develop CNC programs
  • Develop job documentation, as required
    • Procurement requisitions
    • Production drawings and shop sketches
    • Job routing sheets
    • Weld maps
    • NDE reports
    • Dimensional inspection records
    • Testing procedures and reports
    • Tooling and fixturing needs