Nuclear: Reactor Internals and Components

The timetable for a new build can be easily disrupted, especially when it comes to the delivery of your critical, large-scale reactor internals and components. Meeting your deadlines, in addition to stringent safety and quality requirements and your design's tight tolerances, means working with a manufacturing partner that can keep you on schedule. Our end-to-end capacity, large-scale capabilities, and culture of quality can make sure your critical reactor internals and components meet your quality expectations and schedule.

Ranor has decades of fabrication and machining experience that covers many facets of the commercial nuclear power industry. Our professionals expertly form, weld, machine, and assemble the materials you supply, meeting your design's unique tolerance and specification demands. N-stamp certified, Ranor also verifies that your reactor internals and components meet the industry's standards for quality and safety. Our turnkey solutions deliver nuclear components done right the first time, including:

  • Reactor core support plates
    • Lower
    • Middle
    • Upper
  • Core barrels
  • Nuclear reactor assemblies