National Laboratories

Science is about the unknown: the exploration of ideas, materials, energies, and technologies that lead to advancements in growing fields, such as solar, nuclear, medical, aerospace, and defense. At top research facilities across our nation, physicists, chemists, and others are pursing innovative ways to make their ideas a reality. It's no wonder then that the men and women working on solutions for tomorrow are coming to Ranor with their design challenges today.

With large-scale fabrication and machining insights that span markets as demanding as nuclear, aerospace, defense, and medical, Ranor helps leading U.S. researchers produce prototypes of their designs, meeting all of their requirements and specifications with precision and quality. Upon request, our proven and experienced professionals can even review the end-to-end fabrication and machining process and, if applicable, suggest ways to optimize it for future manufacturability. Our willingness to explore possibilities with new, innovative designs—while maintaining a focus on precision and quality—makes us indispensable to the country's national laboratories.

Component capabilities include:

  • Target structure
  • Radio telescope components
  • Vacuum chambers

Fabrication and Machining Snapshot: National Laboratories

Target Structure
Radio Telescope Components
Vacuum Chambers