Commercial Maritime: Motion Control Systems

As it is with cars, a smoother ride over large expanses of water is a preferable, and even more luxurious, way to travel. Commercial maritime vessels, including high-end yachts and high-speed ferries, have implemented motion control systems that help mitigate the ship's rolling motion. Requiring precision fabrication and machining, in addition to large-scale component production capacity, Ranor provides cost-effective, complete solutions that meet your motion control system's demanding specification and tolerance requirements.

Ranor provides you with end-to-end manufacturing solutions that adhere to your design's specification, budget, and schedule demands, with unmatched repeatability. Utilizing our large-scale component manufacturing insights, our team performs the critical fabrication processes to achieve the challenging profiles your motion control systems require. This includes executing intricate build sequence welds, all validated for precision and accuracy by our quality assurance service. Once the finishing machining is completed, Ranor delivers a fully finished motion control system, ready for installation and operation.