Nuclear: Disposal Casks

Quality, precision, and safety are requirements of all large-scale nuclear components, but are especially important when it comes to the disposal of spent fuel. Ranor understands how critical it is to adhere to your tight tolerances and design specifications, as well as the industry's quality and safety manufacturing regulations. We leverage decades of large-scale component fabrication and machining experience to deliver nuclear disposal casks that meet your specific design, budget, and schedule demands.

The end-to-end, large-scale component manufacturing capacity at Ranor allows us to provide turnkey solutions that meet your unique objectives. We can produce multiple, identical disposal casks with unmatched efficiency and repeatability. Our skilled professionals' nuclear fabrication and machining expertise allows them to form, weld, machine, and assemble the thick metal utilized to your stringent specifications. Additionally, our production control service helps to ensure these high-quality nuclear disposal casks are delivered in accordance with your budget and timeline constraints.