Machinery: Polymer and Chemical Additive Processing Equipment

The ability to accommodate the needs of third-party vendors, as well as those of our clients, is yet another way Ranor adds value to our professional manufacturing relationships. In the production of large-scale, polymer and chemical additive processing equipment, our team worked seamlessly with an outside vendor, providing them access to the polymer and chemical additive processing equipment at our facility. By doing this, the critical insulation materials could be integrated into the design without having to ship the components to the vendor's facility and back again for finish machining, reducing the overall production cost for our client.

Additionally, the open-door policy we have at Ranor allowed our client to remain part of the manufacturing process, allowing them to view our progress throughout production. Our fabrication and machining experience, end-to-end production capabilities, and large-scale component capacity allowed us to deliver a high-quality, turnkey solution and earned us an exclusive production relationship with the client.